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GOP polls say Donald Trump leads after Republican debate. We had to know who will vote Donald Trump for president. We found supporters and asked: Why? More from The Farce Report – News So Real, It Could Be Fake: http://www.thefarcereport.com/ Did you watch the Republican debates? Plenty did and the GOP polls are indicating that Donald Trump is the frontrunner for president. With all his wild antics and offensive quotes, we can't understand who is voting for Donald Trump. If he's leading this high in the polls somebody, somewhere wants Donald Trump for president. We just had to know who. Our crack-team of reporters hit the streets and found people that are ready and willing to vote for Donald Trump. Of course, we asked them why? How? What in the? Of course, their answers were priceless. Whatever you think about the American people, think again. These Donald Trump supporters will blow you away. Watch the video to see why these men and women want to vote Donald Trump for president.

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