Penguin Sidesteps Away From Territorial Duck Like A Human

August 7th, 2019

Animal Tales

A penguin was spotted on camera hilarious sidestepping like a human away from a territorial duck. The King Penguin stood still for a couple of minutes nervously looking at the duck before appearing to casually look into the air and shuffle away sideways. Dutch traveler Brigitte Gijsman was snapping photos and video of the penguins at Volunteer Point in the Falklands when she captured the hilarious human-like moment. Brigitte, from Grathem, Netherlands, said: “I haven’t seen this kind of penguin behavior before. “I was surprised a penguin showed this ‘human’ behavior - there were more ducks on the beach but with this one, he stood motionless for quite some time before shuffling by. “It looked so funny. At first, I was just watching him and then I realized I had to film it.” The hilarious moment was filmd on July 1 2019. ---- Animal Tales is home to the best and most interesting animal stories from around the world. From incredible wildlife encounters that must be seen to be believed to amazing pet clips – Animal Tales has something for every animal lover. Subscribe today to Animal Tales: ---- VideoID: TT-4386 To license any of Animal Tales’ exclusive video stories visit T&T Creative Media here: