The 7 Easiest Foods to Cook in the Microwave

July 11th, 2019


The 7 Easiest Foods to Cook in the Microwave These 7 foods will cook fast and taste delicious if cooked in the microwave. 1. Baked potatoes are the ultimate microwavable snack. Simply poke holes in a potato, put it in an inch of water and hit start. 2. Steamed vegetables are a piece of cake, and many already come packaged in a steamable bag. 3. Brownies can be easily whipped up in a mug in the microwave. 4. Oatmeal tastes virtually the same whether it's cooked in a microwave or on the stove. 5. Surprisingly, the easiest way to poach an egg is in the microwave. 6. S'mores are doable in the microwave if you don't have access to a campfire. 7. A creamy alfredo sauce couldn't be more simple, just microwave parmesan cheese, garlic, and milk!