Audi AI:TRAIL World Premiere at 2019 IAA

September 18th, 2019


At the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi is presenting the final, fourth member of its visionary concept car family, so far consisting of the Aicon, PB18, and AI:ME. Say hello to the new Audi AI:Trail Quattro Concept, which – as weird as it sounds – combines serious off-road capabilities with autonomous functions. The study takes the shape of a futuristic, buggy-style four-door vehicle with a fully electric powertrain, incorporating four electric motors for a driveshaft-free all-wheel drive. The show car is 13.5-feet (4.15 meters) long, 7.05-feet (2.15 meters) wide, and rides on massive 22-inch wheels with 33.5-inch off-road tires. The ground clearance is 13.4 inches (34 centimeters) and the vehicle should be able to ford through water more than half a meter (1.6 ft) deep.