Baby With Down Syndrome Shows Off 'New Smile' After Adoption

November 4th, 2019


A newly-adopted baby with Down syndrome shows off her "new smile" in a video that has taken social media by storm. In the loving footage, the new mom of the youngster can be heard asking the baby how her day is going, before the 8-month-old lights up with an adorable grin from ear to ear. The mother then responds, “Awww, I love your new smile,” causing the baby to continue beaming to the camera and sending mom into bursts of laughter at the adorableness of the moment. The footage was shared on the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network’s Facebook page, and before the network knew it, the beautiful moment had soon gone viral, with tens of thousands of people commenting on how the video brightened their day. To date, the video has had more than 15 million views, and the network’s followers have almost quadrupled. Due to the delicacies of anonymity in the adoption processes, the baby can only be referred to as ‘Baby H’ at this current time, with her new family living in Texas. ---- Happily is home to feel good news guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Happily is owned and operated by T&T Creative Media, a UGC video licensing agency. Subscribe for more videos like this: Website: Facebook: Instagram: ---- VideoID: TT-4468 To license any of Happily's exclusive video stories visit T&T Creative Media here: