Playful Orca Surprises Fishermen

August 10th, 2019

Animal Tales

This is the incredible moment a group of fishermen encountered a playful Orca whale tailing their boat. Nathan Benge captured the amazing video as he and four others fished for Yellowtail off the San Diego, California, coast. The group spotted the Orca through binoculars about half a mile away as it breached. And within minutes, the playful Orca split off from the pod and was leaping out of the water within feet of their boat. ---- Animal Tales is home to the best and most interesting animal stories from around the world. From incredible wildlife encounters that must be seen to be believed to amazing pet clips – Animal Tales has something for every animal lover. Subscribe today to Animal Tales: ---- VideoID: To license any of Animal Tales’ exclusive video stories visit T&T Creative Media here: