These Animals Can Freeze and Come Back to Life

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Not every animal can migrate when things get chilly, but being able to freeze and bounce back to life afterwards more than compensates. Subscribe to our Channel: Read the full story at: Check out our most popular video: Check out more Interesting Shit: Pregnant Poppas: the Underknown Parenting Skills of the Male Seahorse Top 10 Animals We Could Bring Back From Extinction More Interesting facts about These Animals Can Freeze and Come Back to Life: Back in 2014 scientists at Japan’s National Institute of Polar Research made headlines after announcing they had successfully revived a creature that had been frozen for 30 years. After being collected and purposely frozen to a temperature of -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius) during an expedition to Antarctica in 1983, the animal was the lone thawed survivor from a group of tardigrades. Labeled SB-1 in the lab, the tardigrade crushed the previous record of nine years for an animal being revived from a frozen state. About INSH: We tell the world’s greatest underknown stories and facts about history, geography and world culture. Our stories are true, but either unknown or underknown. We aim to bring the marvel of these narratives, images or facts to your consciousness and hope that these inspiring tales make us look to the skies rather than to the ground. INSH is an Educational video company producing snack-able, short-form videos. Visit our official site at: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: or follow on Instagram:

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