This Pilot's Passion to Save Birds Will Give You Goosebumps

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One man and his ultralight plane are teaching orphaned birds how to migrate while giving people a front row seat of nature in action. Subscribe to our Channel: Read the full story at: Check out our most popular video: Check out more Interesting Shit: Pregnant Poppas: the Underknown Parenting Skills of the Male Seahorse Top 10 Animals We Could Bring Back From Extinction More Interesting facts about This Pilot's Passion to Save Birds Will Give You Goosebumps: Cantal, France's Christian Moullec, a 58-year-old conservationist microlight pilot, is putting his ability to fly to good use. Much like artist and filmmaker Bill Lishman, the man who first flew with migrating Canadian geese in 1986 and is the subject of the 1996 Oscar-nominated film Fly Away Home, Moullec is using his microlight aircraft to help orphaned and often endangered birds learn the ropes of migration. About Interesting Shit: We are committed to telling the world’s greatest stories about history, geography and world culture. We are a group of insanely curious individuals who are inspired by the beautiful world that we live in. The digital world has not been able to digitize all things, and so much of the stories we aim to tell are the ones that are not well known today. The stories we tell blow our minds, and we hope that will blow your mind too. Subscribe to our newsletter so you can receive these stories regularly. Interesting Shit is an Educational Media Company with the aim of producing snack-able handmade content, and massively distributing this content on the most popular social platforms. Our aim is to connect curious readers with the world’s greatest stories and to build a community around history, geography and world culture. Visit our official site at:

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